The clock is that timeless decor piece that comes with beauty and usability. Some decor pieces are always in fashion and a wall clock is one such piece. One can not only alleviate the appearance and ambience of the place with a wall clock but also completes an empty wall to showcase the time. 

However, understanding the suitability of different clocks for different places is must for a perfect home makeover. It is also critical to understand the theme that we want before the final placement of the clock to avoid contradiction. Like if you want a traditional theme, you can go for a vintage clock like a 3-D vintage wall clock that is on the top of the trend today, however, if you like a modern theme you must go for a contemporary one like Vinyl Record Wall Clock or a 3D mirror wall art acrylic clock in modern design (available on homedecorbox).

 A wall clock that is a perfect essential for your dining area can be a big no-no for an office. A perfect choice in the selection of a clock can impact its entire use. You can revamp the living room with decorative clocks where a Double-sided Large Wall Clock in European Retro Luxury style can be an Art Piece while beautifully playing the role of a timepiece.

 And when it comes to the corridor, a two-sided clock looks perfectly awesome to showcase time to the comers and goers. Similarly, a funky kids room clock plays a sweet role in setting the ambience of a kids room. Wall clock with 3-D stickers can be a perfect gift for your kid’s room.


As one of the most personal spaces to unwind within a home, we can never put our bedroom at second priority. Aimecor Acrylic 3d Wall Clock can digitally revamp your bedroom with Modern Design. No matter the size and theme of your room, the presence of a wall clock in bedroom decorating ideas is quite obvious. Depending on what uplifts your emotions and mood, you can choose the designer clock among the range available on a home decor box that will inevitably reflect your inimitable style and taste while keeping a balance between trendy and tranquility. 

Selecting a wall clock for the home is a choosy task because that is where you never want your decor idea to fail at all. After all, a clock is not just a timepiece but something more than that. It is an expression of your artistic and creative skills that adds a character to a room. If you want something that should never be questioned, go for the ever appreciated antique wall clocks. Be it a lobby or a living room or a study room, vintage wall clocks inevitably add a charm. 

When in every room, why not a garden? New-Outdoor Garden Wall Station Clock is perfect to update your outdoor looks in a Retro style. 

At Home Decor Box, you will find an array of wall clocks, hanging clocks, decorative clock and retro-style clocks for your home to upgrade the appearance and ambience of the place in your style. You will find only exquisite pieces because the bizarre is best over the largest collection. Explore the inimitable collection from the comfort of your home and make your home a dream place. 

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