The Living Room is the Heart of the Home and when it comes to Home Decor for the Living Room- practice the art of uniqueness and minimalism. Every piece in the living room must be gorgeous and standalone beautiful. 

Quote by William Morris “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful,” can be a one-line guide for you to upgrade your living room with a few items among the plethora of one-of-a-kind designed by artisans. 

A few incredible items with which you can start a designer game and beautifully outfit your living room includes Unique Artwork, Designer Wine Stand, Retro Luxury Clocks, Metal Flower Vases, Silver Gold Candle Holders. 

Add drama to your living room with unique art work. Unique Hand Painted Artwork is a new-fangled boho addition to beautify your living area or entryway. With an abstract handmade canvas, you instantly make a place feel styled. When it comes to warming up a part of your living room or entire living hall, you can economically and easily accentuate the ambience with candles and candle holders that come in different designs and shapes. For the timeless trend, go for white, gold and silver candle stands. Let the line of candles adorn your living room with positive essence and elegance. 

If you desire to add some vintage pieces, Retro style metal double-sided clock spares no chance to be questioned. Imagine a retro helicopter shape metal clock on desktop- perfect ornament to decorate your area. One end of the living room featuring an intimate relaxing area set up with a Designer Wine Stand, Sofa and Stool makes the space personalised and party ready. You can add vintage accessories, raisin box, ashtray and handmade serving items for an ultimate entertaining look. 


Art workDesigner wine standMetal flower vasesRetro luxury clocksRetro style metal double-sided clockSilver gold candle holders.Unique hand painted artworkVintage accessoriesWine stand