An entrance is the entry point where the host welcomes a guest to the living space where they can talk and spend quality moments. The living room is a centre of the home where not only family members can sit and talk, but also the friends, guests and relatives get together. 
Both the spaces deserve decor experiments, styles and welcoming vibes. 
The entrance and the living room plays an important role in elevating the mood. The entrance should be as welcoming as the living room should be comfortable and aesthetically appealing. When we see good things around us and sense positive vibes, we open up and release feel-good hormones. To ensure that, we must follow three CCC- Clean, Chic and Coherent for our space.
Chic- Living space asks for the most inventiveness and experimentation of all the rooms in a home. If you are a modern decor lover, it is quite obvious that you praise the decorative styles of the latest fashion. 
Clean- Featured with neutral colours, clean lines, simplistic decor, every decorative piece in a modern living space should offer a clean and decluttered look. 
Coherent- Plan a coherent decor which fulfills specific requirements and lends unique furnishings.

Modern Decorative Wall Clocks for Clean, Chic and Coherent Decor

In today’s modern digital age when we have left behind the ways to see time, a wall clock is still a must-have decorative piece that brings style as well as functionality to the wall. 
Whether we have to check the time or to spruce up the interior of our living room, the wall clock is an imperative modern decorative piece. So why not assure the three Cs with this homeware essential?
With an updated WFH interior, an exquisite modern decorative wall clock has taken the first position to have a cool, chic and coherent interior. To dress up your wall in a stylish way, Guitar Wall Clock can be one of your favourite designs. 

Vintage Guitar Wall Clock Vintage Guitar Wall Clock

Reinvent Space with Guitar Wall Clock 

A Guitar Wall Clock is a stylish statement wall clock that lends a playful touch to a modern space. 
Designer guitar wall clocks are avant-garde decorative wall clocks that are perfect for reinventing the walls of any modern living space. Inspired by guitar design and crafted from high-quality plastic material, they carry lightness yet durability and offer aesthetics as well as practicality. The creativity and lightness in design epitomise the latest look for modern decor. The guitar shape makes a stylish centrepiece integrating minimalism with a modern look. 

Acoustic Guitar Musical Art Wall Clock Acoustic Guitar Musical Art Wall Clock

Guitar Wall Clock: Elegant and Minimalist

Elegant yet minimalist, the Guitar Wall clock offers a sophisticated finishing touch to your living space. Designed in fashionable guitar shape, the wall clock experiments with the tuning of large design and minimalism to invent a functional decor. Crafted with a single face in an antique style, it goes well with understated interiors. 

Guitar Wall Clock for a Distinctly modern look

Guitar Wall Clock offers a distinctly modern look to your living space. Look for quartz style Vinyl Record Guitar Wall clock to nail the modern and minimal aesthetic.
The Guitar Wall Clock’s playful design lends a refreshing alternative to the common clock. This designer piece is crafted using high-quality plastic to invent an illusion of an abstract guitar. Its playful style makes it a dramatic statement for any space.

Guitar Wall Clock to go ahead Artwork

Don’t stop with just wall arts. Mix up the oil painting canvas and other artwork with Guitar Wall Clock to create a more exciting living room. Crafted from plastic featuring vinyl records, it's playful yet designed to be a centrepiece for the wall. One can team it up with artwork available on Home Decor Box as it offers updates as well as aesthetics.
Experiment with the modern decorative wall clocks for an easy updated look. Home Decor Box is an online boutique for home decor items like designer candle stands, exquisite flower vases, modern decorative wall clocks, oil painting and much more. Check out the latest addition for a modern reinvention of the home interior. 

Acoustic guitar wall clockGuitar wall clockLed guitar wall clockVintage guitar wall clock